Just after the childcare centre and before the high school stage, your child enters the kindergarten phase. And as keen as you are to enrol your child into a nice kindergarten, do you know what exactly your child learns there? If we ask most of the parents, they just have a foggy idea about the skills or the knowledge that a child gains at the kindergarten stage. Yes, you can always ask the teachers and staff at the kindergarten and there can also be a prospectus given by the kindergarten to let you understand that in detail. But still, we think you should know more.

The basic idea of the knowledge and skills a child learns at kindergarten!

Normally, your child learns to speak basic words required for self-introduction and describing smaller things in an early learning centre in Melbourne. But it’s at the kindergarten that the child progresses further and starts acquiring the worldly knowledge and even starts grasping ideas. Want to know more? Keep reading!

o The Physical Development— Your child’s physical development upgrades a lot when he or she is at the kindergarten stage. If you are enrolling your little one in a good kindergarten, you will see lots of positive changes in how your child. She/he should become active in physical games and activities. Not just this, little kids are often introduced step by step to various important physical milestones like gripping a crayon and then being promoted to start holding a pencil and then placing a scale properly to make a line, etc. These all are very important stages in the physical development of your child and this is what happens at the kindergarten level.

o The Social Development— Yes, your child has started learning to interact with the kids pleasantly in the childcare centre itself. But during the kindergarten stage, the social interaction changes a lot. Now the child understands how to relate and interact with a teacher and a friend of his/her age differently. This stage is important as your child understands the proper norms of greetings and interacting in society which helps the little one grow better socially.

o The Emotional Development— We think you as a parent should be very concerned about how your child develops emotionally in a kindergarten. This is the very stage when your child learns to express his/her feelings openly to the teachers and parents. The teachers at the kindergarten make it a point to let the child be confident enough to speak what’s in his/her mind. This helps the kid later to understand feelings better and even express it openly.

o The Cognitive Skills — The theory of reasons, reaction, and response is very important for every human being to understand. And the beginning of understanding or developing this skill happens when a child is at that kindergarten level. If you are enrolling your kid to a reliable kindergarten, your child develops the cognitive skills exceptionally well. The kids are trained to understand important things by detailed explanations which help them to remember the same for long.

o The Vocabulary Development — Your child may know the normal conversational tone to talk and interact with others already. But when we think about the vocabulary development, the proper stage of acquiring this knowledge is at the kindergarten level. Here, the kids are introduced to new words and sentences daily, and the children are instigated to utilise these in their normal conversations.

o Other Essential Values — When we talk about the kindergarten phase, isn’t this the stage wherein your child should be introduced to the essential values of life? Like, we are talking about sustainability, kindness, sharing, understanding others’ feelings. All these values are such important parts of your child’s growing up stage and that is why you will see that the best kindergarten in Melbourne like Kids & Co especially concentrating on imbibing these values in your child apart from the other important knowledge and skills.

So basically, your child learns all these aspects at the kindergarten stage apart from the normal curriculum of the basic subjects like maths, science, languages, social sciences, etc. assigned by the educational department. Wasn’t this insightful post much needed for a parent of a kindergartener to set the expectations, right?