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The Impact of Play-Based Learning on the Development of Children

Play is often seen as a natural and enjoyable activity for children. However, beyond its entertainment value, play-based learning holds a profound significance in fostering holistic child development. It is a fundamental tool for children to explore, learn, and make sense of the world around them. Let's delve into how play-based learning contributes to the [...]

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The Transformative Power of Play in Developing Playful Social Skills

Statistically speaking, play-based learning shows over 35% increase in emotional intelligence. In kindergarten instruction, holistic learning techniques for cognitive and behavioural development have been identified as most significant in contributing to a child’s growth. While rudimentary education can be boring for new-age children with high brain activity, play-based learning can provide adequate stimulation and meticulously [...]

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Navigating Melbourne’s Kindergarten Landscape – Public vs. Private Options

Kindergarten is the stepping stone for a lifetime of education. It is the first phase in a child's education journey, and therefore, it sets the tone for the rest of their lives. Choosing the right kindergarten for your child is imperative as it will impact the kind of attention for education and cognitive function that [...]

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The Future Generation Needs To Connect With the Environment to Keep it Safe. But how?

At Kids And Co Child Care, we understand the importance of nature in a child's overall growth. Taking in the beauty of the outdoors not only stimulates one's interest but also builds a strong bond with the environment. We'll look at methods to incorporate nature into our curriculum activities in this blog. These approaches, based [...]

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Choose a Perfect Daycare Centre for Your Kid

So, you’re now either a mother or a father and have started thinking about the development of your little one, right? Well, that’s why you have stumbled upon this post: looking to know whether a childcare centre is worth it. It is no secret that the overall brain and physical development of your child is [...]

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The Power of Early Learning Centers Beyond ABC’s

The first few years of a child’s life form a critical window for cognitive development, setting the stage for lifelong learning. In fact, as technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, parents and educators are getting aware of the significance of early childhood education. As a result, early learning centres have emerged as powerful catalysts [...]

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Ways to Promote Your Child’s Cognitive Development

Cognitive development plays a crucial role in shaping a child's intellectual abilities. It helps them develop understanding and problem-solving skills, leading to their overall mental growth. Introducing them to the concept of sustainable practices early on can instill a sense of environmental responsibility. By combining these two factors, you can promote cognitive abilities as well [...]

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Finding Affordable Child Care Options in Melbourne

Early child care is foundational to the learning, skill development, and overall growth of a child. A safe environment is what children crave for their holistic well-being. With a plethora of child care centres in Melbourne, choosing the right one demands thorough research, understanding the curriculum, and analysing prospects that contribute to a child’s positive [...]

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Important For Children To Be Environmentally Responsible

In this era of global warming, when icebergs and glaciers are melting and contributing to worldwide sea level rise, our responsibility as grownups is to do our bit and help the next generation do theirs. We’ve moved beyond learning about the hole in the ozone layer. The issues now consist of a huge list that [...]

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Choose The Right kindergarten For Your Kids

We bet your kid’s first day at school can be bittersweet. While you are excited to see them enter the learning phase of their life, you also realize just how fast time flies by. And besides just being emotional, sending your kid to a new kindergarten also involves ensuring that the school is safe and [...]

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