It’s not OK to laugh at your child’s wrongdoings! Tantrums are not funny, and manners are important. Period. It is irksome to see parents laughing at their children’s indiscipline and wrong attitude. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean to embarrass anyone, but the parents who don’t take their child’s discipline seriously are often seen smiling sheepishly in front of masses. Instead, wouldn’t it have been better if you dealt with indiscipline sternly and corrected your child at the right time?

How to introduce the right manners properly to your child?

Let’s not forget that children are raw or wet clay. The manner in which you fold and mould them, they’ll take that form. That is why so much emphasis is given on right parenting during the early stages of childhood. Even inculcating right manners for that matter! It is very essential to incorporate right manners in your child during this time in order to let this kid turn into a great person in the future. Well, you obviously require some help and tips in achieving this very tough task. So, here they are. Read on.
Let them understand —Be practical! You just can’t expect your child to follow all your instructions blindly. You will have to explain the logic behind each and every rule and discipline that you are teaching the child. Only then the kid would learn to follow the dictum. Yes, you can’t resonate with a child like you do with an adult. Be very kind and calm when you instruct the child about the rules and ensure that you aren’t frightening the child.
Let the child know the consequences —Discipline is an integral part of life in all the stages and ages. And you have to be strict in imbibing it in your child from the nascent years. Your child should understand the consequences that he/she is bound to face when they skip any rule. Just like every action later in life will have a consequence. You may either punish them (say, by not giving their favourite cookies or chocolates – but also ensure to reward good work with such treats as a balance) or simply let them understand the rationale. Like, if a child has a habit of forgetting his/her coat, let the child understand that the kid loses the coat in such a case or may catch a cold.
Enrol your child in a nice childcare centre — You just can’t deny the importance of an early childcare centre in your kid’s life. So, when you are making sure that your child is disciplined well at home, pay some attention as to what discipline the kid learns at the centre as well. Are they teaching sustainability in the childcare centre? Are they maintaining the right schedule for your child that you follow so religiously at home? Are they teaching the right habits?
Create a to-do list at home and follow it without fail — Discipline means following the essential values of life like punctuality, respect, and the organisation of your personal belongings. And well, this is what even the child care centres in Melbourne like Kids & Co teach your child. With them, you can be assured that your child is in the right hands and learning all the tricks of life and living very well. Follow their guidelines at home for helping your child with a seamless learning experience.
Right now your sapling is very small and delicate. But if you water with the right dose of discipline at the right time, the tree would be equally solid and amazing.