Sustainability is a rare value that you see in very few individuals. Yes, more and more people are getting concerned about the environment lately and even the education and awareness for the same are increasing. But you will see only a handful of them really sincere about the concept. And if you are reading this post, then you are one of those handful people. And you definitely want your child to learn about sustainability from the very early age too. We couldn’t praise your motives more. But to inculcate this value better, you need to ensure that your child is practicing the same in real life as well.

Ø  Practical ways to inculcate sustainability in your child’s life!

 We totally understand that introducing the concept of sustainability to a child isn’t an easy job. You have to try to make them understand the seriousness of the matter. But even you would agree that only theoretical knowledge isn’t enough. Your child should be practically aware of the same and this is only possible if you try to be active in letting your child understand sustainability by some practical activities that we shall discuss below. Also, choose a daycare centre that teaches sustainability in childcare.

o   Let them understand it through the formal education — Okay, the formal education system is a very helpful factor in your parenting and child upbringing. And if you want them to learn sustainability as well, enrol them in child-care centres in Melbourne like Kids & Co who help in teaching this value gently but firmly. They carry out various activities for the same and even explain your child in detail about it.

 o   Recycle the waste— Recycling is one of the best ways to teach your child about sustainability. They should understand that all the discarded things aren’t waste and may have some value left in them. This is what encourages them to throw less and preserve more later.

 o   Sort the waste — Let your child sort out his or her own waste and discarded items. Let them understand that certain things can be recyclable and others should be left to be dumped. If they are sorting out the garbage on their own, then your mission is almost accomplished.

 o   Planting trees — Even if your child is planting a single sapling in a month, it is enough to bring lots of green happiness to the earth. Slowly and gradually your child will start spreading this message amongst his or her friend and this habit will continue to grow with the kid for years.

 o   Collecting rain-water — Rainwater harvesting is an important part of preserving the earth and its natural resources. So if your kid is in a habit of collecting some of the water in the bucket, ultimately you are inculcating the value of stability in the child.

These activities are sure to bring a lot of positive change in the realm of sustainability and inculcating the same values in your child. Apart from these, let them play outdoors in the natural surroundings. Only if they love nature, they are going to be able to preserve and care for it.