We know you are very serious about teaching your child the importance of sustainability in their lives. The Earth is going from the phase where many people fear extinction. And if during this time our kids aren’t taught about the value of sustainable living, there are very high chances that they won’t find the resources that we enjoyed so freely. But don’t you often wonder how sustainability can be taught to children?

The mixed efforts of parents and teachers in teaching sustainability to children!

Children are the fastest learning people in the world. No matter if it is just a word you’re teaching them or an important value like sustainability, kids tend to learn it easily and everything gets rooted deeply in their minds. And if you want your child to learn about sustainability very well, enrol them in Kids & Co, an early learning centre in Melbourne, where they are taught this value practically and with lots of explanations and examples.

The childcare introduces the value tactfully — It is very important to be tactful and patient with kids. And the childcare centres are actually an expert in this. They deal with hundreds of kids daily and that’s why they know very well how to introduce this important value in the early years. They start to teach sustainability in childcare by encouraging the kids to plant saplings, save water during washing their hands, and even teaching them with pictures and stories about the seriousness of this matter. Well, the seeds of sustainability are sown in your child’s mind.

You as parents help them practise better — A child definitely doesn’t stay at the childcare or the learning centre the entire day. It is just a matter of a few hours and then the kid is with you. That is why it is your responsibility to make sure that whatever your child learned at school about sustainability is practiced at home as well. See to it that the steps taken for sustainability continue at home as well. The child shouldn’t miss anything even at home and should think of recycling and reusing objects.

Collaborate with the teachers to understand and teach better — Since you two are giving a joint effort, it’s very much wise to collaborate with the school to learn from the teachers about how you can carry out this process further at home as well. They will guide you about the ways you can introduce this value through play and stories. They will also let you know if there is an activity day

like an Earth Day at school, where the child is explained about the importance of saving the natural resources and you can simply brush that topic again for them — and so on.

In a nutshell, teaching a child about sustainability is dependent upon how tactfully the school introduces a value to them and how wisely you take it forward from there. Remember to practise what you preach – because your kid learns a lot by observing what you do.