7 Ideas to make your nursery more sustainable for children

Children are quite active in imitating and copying every act or even dialogue of what they hear from you. Even when you try to put restrictions on them for doing so, they’ll still do it. Therefore it’s crucial for you as an adult to be conscious of how you are treating the environment around you, as the children are indirectly learning what you do.  

Are you turning the lights off when you leave the staff room? 

Are you always throwing away plastic drinking straws? 

It’s necessary to follow the same rules that you want the children to develop. Let’s now list out seven ideas of how you can bring sustainability in childcare


You might already have two types of bins in your classroom, which might be provided as a service from the local council. But making sure that kids understand the usage of these bins is essential. You can bring a kid-sized bin and print pictures on it for their visual understanding. 

Repurposing and Reusing

Make the students aware of reusing and repurposing the materials. You can use the kitchen or toilet rolls for painting some patterns, and they can also be used for numerous school projects or activities as well. This will help the students in learning that things can be reused and every item is not just meant to throw away after being used once.

Reducing the use of paper 

There’s a hell lot of paperwork that has to be performed in a school. There are weekly/monthly reports, staff rotas, registers, accident forms, leave applications, meal logs and whatnot. But if you can consider taking a few of these paper-heavy tasks on a digital platform, don’t you think it will add on to the sustainability factor! 

Conservation of Water 

Water is one of the human priced resources. Therefore, it’s imperative to teach children to use water wisely. Keeping up a small water bucket or tank out in the rain for the children to see that the water can be collected and then reused to plant the waters is just one way to introduce them to water conservation. 

It’s essential all the early learning centre Melbourne include sustainable lessons in their classes. Making them learn in early childhood will help in beginning the snowball effect, which will later encourage them to have sustainable mindfulness.