The first five years are crucial to a child’s development. These years form the building blocks of learning about the world. The learning process continues in the succeeding years. Let’s have a better understanding of it.

A report published by Harvard University claims that the first five years form the foundational base of a child’s brain and neural development. It is during this time that human brains form simple neural connections and skills. This phenomenon proceeds toward pruning. The pruning process forms more complex skills and connections.
Pruning increases the efficiency of the human brain in the upcoming years.

Australia has strong policies for childcare and education during the formative years of a child. Children can avail of it only once they become 4 years old. Yet, one cannot claim the same feasibility of access to education for a 3-year-old child. This access is important for the latter group because at this age, the brain forms the foundation of the following areas:
Cognitive development
Ability to communicate using language
Social connections and emotional well-being
Physical development
There are other dire concerns too. For instance, above 1 million children do not have any access to childcare centers in their areas. The lack of demand makes it risky for childcare businesses to operate in such locations. Without daycares, it becomes challenging for office-going parents to look after their children. So, there is a need for the government to step up and intervene.

The government seems to realize the need for this at present. This has caused it to plan to establish at least 50 childcare centers in childcare deserts. Soon, preschool children in Australia can get a 30-hour week of play-based learning. This can be for a year before their enrolment in primary school education.
This is a part of the investment-related promise by the Victorian and NSW governments. Thus, Australians can expect the prep-up programs to double up by 2025.

At present, there are five popular childcare and education options in Australia. These five options are – home-based care, family day care, business-related creches, centre-based care, and outside-school-hours care. Among these options, centre-based care and family day care not only take good care of the children but also ensure that the children develop their learning abilities. This is what makes these two childcare options popular among parents.

Melbourne city child care centre is one such kindergarten that meets this need of guardians. It is a family-owned kindergarten. Thus, the family contributes to the child’s development. The kids socialize with other children and use learning-based toys. This improves their social and learning skills.

What’s more? You do not have to worry about their lunch. It is the best kindergarten Melbourne that prepares fresh food for children daily.


Now that you know, think no further. Save time for preparing the lunchbox before you leave for the office. Put your sole focus on meeting your targets. You can trust that your child is receiving excellent care.