Kindergarten is the stepping stone for a lifetime of education. It is the first phase in a child’s education journey, and therefore, it sets the tone for the rest of their lives. Choosing the right kindergarten for your child is imperative as it will impact the kind of attention for education and cognitive function that he will develop for his entire life. Many parents often need clarification on public and private kindergartens for their kids. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice.

Public Kindergarten

A parent must always consider kindergarten enrollment benefits before making a choice. In Melbourne, The government often funds public kindergartens, and they offer extreme affordability as they provide subsidised education. Therefore, it becomes a popular choice for people from medium and low-income levels as it can help them stay within budget. Some of the crucial factors of public kindergartens are:

Cost-Efficient: Compared to private kindergartens, public kindergartens are more cost-friendly due to their subsidised form of government-sponsored education. They make a desirable choice due to this particular reason.

Quality: In Melbourne, public kindergartens offer top-notch educational facilities and instruction with qualified teachers. They employ techniques that are friendly for early learners and focused on their holistic development.

Inclusivity: In a public kindergarten, you would find students from various backgrounds and diverse mindsets. Such a social setup can help your child bond better with everyone, learn empathy and learn about cultures and traditions personally.

Accessibility: Due to fewer seats, getting into a public kindergarten could be difficult, and therefore, it is essential to act ahead of time and secure a seat well in advance.

Private Kindergartens

As a parent, you would want the best kindergarten in Melbourne for your child. Unlike public kindergartens, Individuals or corporations own private ones and are not funded by the government. They offer a range of services that differ from public kindergartens. Here are the primary factors governing private kindergartens:

Tailored Syllabus: Private kindergartens employ methods of teaching and learning tools that are specially focussed and based on modern educational philosophy. They develop their curriculum and syllabus to target specific development in children.

Lesser Size: To provide personalised attention to every child by understanding their unique needs and working with them collaboratively in learning, private kindergartens keep their class sizes small.

Convenience: Private kindergartens offer services other than teaching, which can help busy parents. They also offer creche facilities and travel options to make it convenient for working parents. The timings are also highly flexible and provide optimal learning environments at a safe pace. They also have extensive security, medical services, extra-curricular learning programs, etc., to help your child get an all-round development.

Money: The cost factor for private schools is dicey for people coming from low or middle-income families. The fee structure can be costly in private kindergartens, and therefore, you need to consider budgeting properly to ensure that your child receives the best educational facilities and services.


While there are apparent differences between public and private kindergartens, ultimately, the decision rests on the parents as to what they want for their child’s future and development. Always consider all the factors before reaching a decision.