At Kids And Co Child Care, we understand the importance of nature in a child’s overall growth. Taking in the beauty of the outdoors not only stimulates one’s interest but also builds a strong bond with the environment. We’ll look at methods to incorporate nature into our curriculum activities in this blog. These approaches, based on research and our personal experiences, strive to create a stimulating educational atmosphere that fosters young brains while instilling a love of the world around them.

Nature Walks: A Journey of Discovery

Nature walks give children firsthand experience with the marvels of the outdoors. These journeys become interactive education, opening their senses to the natural world, whether it’s examining different plant types, collecting leaves, or listening to the sounds of birds.

Garden Exploration: Cultivating Curiosity

Maintaining a garden within our child care facility provides youngsters with a hands-on opportunity to learn about the life cycle of plants. This entertaining exercise not only teaches about nature but also instills a feeling of responsibility as they care for their little green buddies, from sowing seeds to seeing them sprout and grow.

Nature-inspired Art: Creativity in Bloom

Bringing nature into the realm of art allows children to express themselves while connecting with the environment. Using leaves, flowers, or even rocks as art materials fosters creativity and helps them appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of natural elements.

Outdoor Storytelling: Tales under the Sky

Taking storytime outdoors transforms a simple narrative into an immersive experience. Whether it’s reading under a tree or acting out stories in the fresh air, this approach not only enhances language development but also cultivates a positive association with the outdoors.

Sensory Nature Bins: Touch, Feel, and Explore

Filling sensory bins with natural things such as sand, pebbles, or pinecones provides tactile experiences. Early learning in kindergarten promotes sensory exploration as well as cognitive and motor skill development in a pleasant and natural setting.

Wildlife Observation: Learning from Our Feathery Friends

Incorporating bird watching into our curriculum encourages children to observe and appreciate wildlife. Providing bird feeders and observing local bird species teaches them about biodiversity and the interconnectedness of living organisms.

Weather Tracking: Understanding Nature’s Patterns

Simple weather-tracking activities, such as documenting daily temperatures or noticing changes in the sky, help children develop an early knowledge of environmental patterns. This links into scientific topics while also encouraging youngsters to be aware of their environment.


Incorporating nature walks into our curriculum activities at Kids And Co Child Care is not just an educational endeavor but a commitment to the holistic growth of each child. Through these carefully crafted experiences, we aim to instill a lifelong love for nature, fostering curious minds that appreciate the world around them. As we nurture these young minds, we’re sowing the seeds for a future generation that understands, respects, and actively participates in the preservation of our precious environment.