Are you going back to work or school after giving birth? Can your parents no longer babysit your toddlers? Choosing the right childcare centre plays a crucial role in a child’s early education and development. Childcare centres are much more than just a space to keep your kids occupied while you’re working.

For most children, a childcare centre puts them in a structured environment, which is quite different from an uninhibited home setting. By interacting with other children, caretakers and different learning tools, childcare centres help develop emotional and social skills of young children. 

When comparing childcare centres, here are a few things you should keep in mind.



  • Extensive Experience


While education and qualification are both very important aspects to look for in childcare providers, you should also learn about their experience. Ideally, you should pick providers with extensive hands-on experience in childcare.



  • Ensure Safety


It might sound obvious, but safety cannot be emphasized enough. The childcare centre should be properly childproofed with constant supervision by providers and high standards of hygiene. 

Also, you should enquire about the meals prepared for children. They should be fresh and nutritious.



  • Diverse Curriculum


A reliable child care centre’s curriculum should include a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. You should look for a good mixture of work and play. 

It’s never too early to learn about sustainability. Sustainability in childcare is a good way to ensure your child learns about the importance of preserving our environment.



  • Standards Followed


Check out the various industry standards followed by childcare centres. Child care centres Melbourne CBD often adhere to Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS) standards. Go through a childcare centre’s code of ethics to make sure they align with your ideology.



  • Proper Attention & Care


The lower the Child-To-Caregiver ratio, the better it is. This will assure your child gets individual attention and care. 


Final Words

It’s always advised to look for stellar reviews and arrange a tour of the place before enrolling your child.