Your child’s first step towards education and learning is enrollment in an excellent childcare centre. This is where your kid starts enjoying new experiences and develops a desire for knowledge.

Choosing the right childcare is a big decision which can be exhausting for parents at times. Since every parent only wants the best for their children, there are a few factors in the decision-making process which are constant among all realms.

That said, we bring you a list of things which should always be kept in mind when picking a daycare centre for your beloved baby. Read on.


  • Look for references


Like you, there will be several other parents looking for daycare whom you might meet in your lactation class, pediatrician’s clinic, or the park. Why not have a chat with them and get some references.

Word of mouth is as important for the client as it is for the business because it allows the client to get an idea about the services from another experienced client. Talk to other parents who have recently enrolled their kids in a Melbourne city childcare centre and use their experience to make a smart choice.


  • Visit the centres


Once you have a few references at hand, it’s time to visit these places.

Taking a tour of the facility and getting insights on their working in person is crucial to make a wise decision. While you will be visiting the centre after taking an appointment, do drop by unannounced as well to see them in action. You would be surprised to see what an unexpected visit can unveil.


  • Observe!


Listen and observe everything happening around you in the childcare centre. This is how you’ll learn incredible things about the place and the environment.

Take a look at the teacher-student ratio along with their activity plan. Also, your child’s safety is vital so do go around their policies on how they secure the premises. Hygiene is an essential deciding factor, so don’t forget to see what the children are eating.


  • Have a list of questions ready


Once you have taken a tour of the facility and observed the environment, keep your list of questions handy.

Remember, your child will be spending a significant amount of their time here so your questions should cover every single doubt in your mind.


  • Don’t ignore the warning signs


A planned visit might show the childcare facility in a perfect manner. However, it’s the unannounced one that will show their true colours.

From the way the kids are treated to sustainability in childcare and hygiene, look for red flags and DO NOT ignore them.

Go with your gut!

Give your baby what they deserve- which is nothing but the best from the very start of their learning and help in forming a strong foundation for their bright future. Good luck!