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Sustainability in childcare can work either way through a part of the curriculum of the education they receive at school or a soft skill which is taught at home. Whichever the technique, sustainability in childcare is not a particularly different subject but rather it is the basic sense of responsibility which should be a part of a child’s development from a young age. This will only help them to develop as compassionate, responsible, and alert adults in the long run. There are reasonable steps to ensure sustainable education for children. Let’s have a look at them!

Holistic Approach:

A holistic approach to education is a fairly new concept in the world of academia. This approach not only includes bookish knowledge but also the functions of the mind and the body and how they are linked with each other. It also includes learning about behaviour, actions, and reactions, which add to the organic development of the child.

This approach helps the child to develop a strong intuition and a range of soft skills.

Balanced Behavior:

We all know children can be tough to deal with. The mischief, complaints, crying and nagging can be tough to handle, but it is extremely important for teachers and parents to keep their behaviour balanced towards them. Children do need a scolding once in a while but the scolding should work as an encouragement or constructive criticism and definitely not intend to demoralize the child or break its confidence.

It is also important to remember that no scolding or no barriers can work towards spoiling the child and making them rude and arrogant. Hence a balanced behavior is necessary.


All five fingers of the hand are not the same; a child’s uniqueness defines their individuality. Every child learns at their own pace, and it is important for teachers, parents, and even relatives to be gentle and patient with children. The best kindergartens in Melbourne are instructed to do the same.

Paying attention as a guardian to issues which the child is facing provides the child with a safe base to fall back on and open up instead of bearing the frustration or grudge.


Children are like sponges; they absorb everything they see or hear around them without much filter. A striking change in the behaviour of a child is alarming and should be addressed by the teacher or parent. The child may be scared or hesitant to reveal the cause, but it should not discourage the teacher or parent from getting to the root of it.

A gentle and understanding attitude towards the child has the potential to work wonders. The child will give out the same positive behavior he/she receives.