Child care centres provide regular full-time or part-time child care in places specially built or adapted for children. They may be located on their own grounds. Sometimes, child care centres are located in shopping centres and office blocks, run by different bodies – private operators, local councils, community organizations, employers, and even non-profit organizations. 

Child care centres cater for children aged from birth to five years. They provide excellent day-care for your little ones and help them nurture in all aspects. Enrolling your kid in a child care centre in Melbourne while you are at work is a good idea. 

Looking for the best child care near you? Here are the tips to consider. 

Check the Registration or Certification 

Whether you are choosing the best kindergarten in Melbourne or a childcare facility, do not overlook the certification of the institution. A certified facility provides efficient services while handling your kids in the best manner. Before enrolling, check their program’s license, registration, certification, and inspection history. 

Do a Background Check of the Ones Who are Volunteering 

Besides checking the overall reputation, license, and certification of the childcare, it is vital to do a background check of all the adults working or volunteering in the program. It will ensure that your child is in safe hands in your absence. Make sure every teacher is well-educated and qualified.

Inquire about the Staff Turnover Rate 

Asking about the program’s staff turnover rate is a good idea while selecting a child care facility for your kids. Staff turnover rate refers to how frequently the staff leaves the facility. If it experiences a large turnover, your little one could experience many transitions to new teachers, which may also affect the program’s quality. 

Explore the Curriculum Used 

A child care program is not about academics alone. While hunting for the best facility, we recommend you check the curriculum entertained by it. Ask the provider to explain the kinds of daily activities planned for the children and how they will support the overall learning of your little one. 

Read Policies in Detail 

While finalizing a child care centre for your child, ensure to read all the policies in detail. Make sure these policies include provisions on supervision, nutrition, discipline, child development, and learning so that you do not regret your decision later.

Safety is Essential 

Last but not least, ensure that you choose a safe and quality child care centre where your little one feels at home while exploring new learning, developing, and socializing opportunities. A well-child-proofed space has covers on every outlet. It is well-maintained with cleanliness around and doesn’t involve using a single toxic substance that may harm your little one’s health.


Many parents choose child care centres as they are more structured and provide a classroom-like environment to the children. We hope the above-listed points help you make the best decision while choosing a facility for your kids. Get in touch with the best service and enrol your little one for an excellent learning experience.