There are lots to teach your (growing up) kids. From the right manners to punctuality, discipline and caring for others. But with the current situation we are in, there’s also this need to teach an extra important value to your child – it is loving the environment and everything in it. And this is something that the kid won’t understand automatically, you’ll have to especially inculcate some habits in the child to help the kid evolve as a nature loving and caring person.

Some Environment Friendly Habits to Teach Your Kids!

It is really important to respect and care for this nature so that your kids can enjoy its benefits. They would find solace to be close to nature in the future. And for that, ensure you’re inculcating these habits in your child from a very early age.

o   Let them stay close to plants and trees – To let your child understand the value of greenery and trees, they should be kept close to them. Only then they’ll grow to love them as you do now. Encourage them to plant some trees, let them water them every day and see how beautifully they grow. Explain to them the boons of planting the trees as the child care centres in Melbourne teach them. Also, you should teach them how plucking a flower from a tree isn’t acceptable and how they can make homemade composite to help them grow faster.

o   Explain to them the value and need of sustainability – Children today should be taught the value and importance of sustainability from a very young age. We have a scarcity of natural resources – so what we still have shouldn’t be wasted even an ounce. Let them understand the urgency of the situation, the problems the world is facing right now, and how conserving these natural resources can help us all big time. Apart from teaching this value at home, make sure that the childcare centre you are enrolling them in inculcates this value to the kids too. Kids & Co provides sustainability education in childcare through mindful ways via experienced teachers. The students are especially encouraged to carry out eco-friendly activities that make them understand this value deeply and make sustainable living an integral part of their lifestyle.

o   Encourage recycling and reusing – Another habit to help your kid value the environment is teaching them to recycle and reuse whatever they have. They tend to reduce the waste in this manner and ultimately this benefits nature in a great way.

o   Make them love and care for animals – We are so obsessed with protecting nature and greenery that often we forget that even animals are a part of it. Even they should be cared for by all regardless of the fact that they are strays or pets. It is a step towards caring for the environment and making the world a better place to live in.

 It isn’t really difficult to make your children care for nature and the environment. If they really want to utilise its resources in the near future, they should really understand its value. And these habits ensure that your child is close to nature just as you want him/her to be!