Introducing your little one to kindergarten is an essential milestone in their life and your life as a parent. Not only does it give your child a kick-start in their education, but it also lets them explore a new environment and helps create their social circle. Many kindergartens are operating all over Melbourne. Thus choosing the right one that suits your needs as a parent may be a little overwhelming.

Fret not. We have got you covered. Here are some simple tips for choosing the best kindergarten in Melbourne for your child.

Private or Public – Which one to Choose?

One of the parts of the decision-making process is whether to choose a private kindergarten or a public kindergarten.

Private schools have their own funds, giving them independence from the state statutes. It makes them more flexible than public schools. They offer more specialized programs that help to nurture your little one in a better way. Public kindergartens are under an obligation to follow state norms and regulations. Thus, it is better to opt for the former.

Look at the Whole School

Always remember, you are not just choosing a kindergarten, but the whole school community for your little one. 

Thus, while choosing a kindergarten, it is equally vital to look at the whole school and see if it looks like home for your child. Besides looking at the teachers, check out the whole school. Taking a tour helps.

Seek Enthusiastic Teachers

While your kid is in their growing year, their biggest influences are parents and teachers. Thus, be careful while choosing a kindergarten or childcare center in Melbourne. 

If you want a setting where your little one is encouraged to think creatively, look for teachers who are enthusiastic, inspired, creative, and passionate about what they do.

Enroll in a Kindergarten where Learning is Fun

Learning should not be mediocre. It is essential to remember when you hunt for the best kindergarten for your little one. When you tour the school, visit each classroom and check what kinds of learning they impart to their students.

Look at the faces of the kids. Are they happy doing what they do in the classroom? If a child feels the joy of learning, everything else comes naturally.

Be Attentive towards Class Size

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a kindergarten is to be attentive to the class size. The small class size may mean the difference between a good school experience and an incredible school experience. 

If the classroom size is small, teachers can personally attend to each student daily. Students in such an environment are less likely to get lost. A small classroom is a plus point.

Get in touch with the Current Parents

You can get in touch with the current parents and discuss the facilities at the kindergarten to get an insight. 

A word from them will be helpful for you to decide whether to enroll in kindergarten or not. In general, all parents are happy to share their opinion and will have relevant information for you.


Choosing the best kindergarten for your little one will not be rocket science if you take care of the above-listed considerations. Start your hunt today.